Wednesday, January 22, 2020

How to Stop Watching the News

Post, Photo, and Video by Rain San Martin

Replace the news with a curated experience of your own choosing. This helps you to avoid unnecessary negative information. Rather than reading the news, on “plugged in” days, I visit The Weather Channel site to see current weather trends. My favorite blogs on Simplicity, Homemaking, Gothic, Vintage, and Halloween lifestyle are read with the blog reader. I explore business sites for news on retail or industry changes. On unplugged days (in place of the news) I read our local Fort Wayne "Whatzup" publication and 4 high quality print magazine subscriptions.

Below are affiliate links to my favorite magazines I showed during my video which you can view here. Amazon Associate purchases help to support this blog site at no extra cost to you.

You can support my Classical Gothic Music compositions by downloading a copy of my latest album, Cemetery Closing Time from CD Baby here. This features many of the songs you have heard in the intro's or outro's of my videos.

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