Monday, May 11, 2020

How to Stop Using Your Phone for Notes

Post, Video, and Image by Rain San Martin

The infiltration of technology has been as a run-away train. Instead of selectively using it as a tool for specific tasks on a mobile device or desk top PC, we are losing a bit of our humanity one step at a time. One way we can ground ourselves back into the natural world around us is to discontinue the practice of taking notes on the mobile phone.

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Keep a Mini-Notebook on your person.

I have a high quality mini-notebook in my purse for note-taking on the go. I use it to capture points during a special event, a lecture, or class. The link above is a nearly identical notebook to the one I use.

Keep high quality pens on hand as well. The PILOT Precise V5 has been my go-to for years. These pens glide easily and are excellent for pen and ink art.

Grocery List

Rather than looking down at your phone while shopping in public there is something refreshing about and old fashioned grocery list!


When filling in special dates, a calendar will be one more way to stay away from your device. Some people enjoy a planner. I myself rely on a daily routine, only writing unusual events onto our family calendar. Here is the calendar I'm using for 2020, as shown in my video: Thomas Kinkade Special Collector's Edition 2020 Deluxe Wall Calendar: New Beginnings.

Address Book

It's time to bring back the address book! I've relied on my computers database for the last 20 years. An old world lifestyle can be innovative, as it unthethers us from the screen.

You can catch my YouTube Video on this topic here.

Enjoy the simple vintage life,


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