Friday, May 1, 2020

Minimalist Technology-During Lockdown

Post, Video, and Photo by Rain San Martin

As we are organic beings I believe we will maximize our human potential by unplugging as much as  possible. COVID-19 has dramatically lead to an even more plugged-in lifestyle. Zoom meetings, constant news-updates, remote schooling and office work has tethered many to constant connectivity. Limiting computing technology primarily as a tool will maximize it's usefulness. Social media, digital communication and video / audio entertainment should be used with discipline.

People fear of appearing as a Luddite.

You can still adapt to life changes in society yet with mindfulness. Luddites were a group of people who revolted against their jobs being replaced by machinery. They destroyed them. Over time the term has been associated with those who do not accept technological change. However it is important to note, not all technological advances are progress. The smart phone has unfortunately lead the masses to a dystopian trance-like state of mankind. The good news is you can take the reins and utilize the best of today's innovations and merge it with time tested disciplines of yesteryear!

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Southern Lady

I also enjoy using an hour glass instead of a timer to live a more unplugged lifestyle. Here's one that I have:

15-Minute Hourglass Sand Timer with Cherry Finished Wood Base.  

Have a great week!

Rain 🌻

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