Friday, February 26, 2021

Morning Coffee Ritual

Post, photography, and YouTube Video by Rain San Martin

My favorite part of the day has always been the morning coffee, as I peruse lovely quaint magazines. An unrushed slow morning opens my mind to reflection and is a reward for the days work ahead. 

Why I like the French Press - Remembering the Golden Age of Coffee Shops

Reflecting on growing up, like most households, our family started with the ubiquitous drip coffee maker in the 1980s. My mom a coffee connoisseur, eventually replaced this with the French Press. In the early 1990s coffee shops grew in popularity offering gourmet beans, which were not yet accessible in grocery stores. The French Press was made available on these coffee house shelves for purchase. I myself adopted this for our go-to coffee maker. The process is simple: Pour hot water over the ground coffee beans, steep, press down the filter, serve.  

I miss the homey mom and pop shops offering specialty coffee, pastries, and friendly slow-paced customer service. They would remember your name and had no reason to hurry, or be distracted with the not yet invented smartphone. This was before multiple Starbucks appeared in every city, across the nation. Mom would order a Double Cappuccino using very little raw sugar, eventually switching to the stronger Macchiato.  We would sit, chat, and rave over our comforting beverage. Today, I occasionally go to coffee for a date with my husband, or for one of our children's special outings, yet I deeply long for the Golden Age of the coffee shop in America. 


Lighting the Candles

In the darker months of winter I set out natural white pillars on the mantle within the fireplace. I light incense on the gas stove to burn the candles. During this time, lights remain on our tiny tree, along with pine cones and greenery of the season. 


A stack of home living themed magazines are taken out from the Craftsman style built-in dinning room drawer. Victoria, Southern Lady, Southern Living, and Country Living are set beside the vintage rocking chair. This is supplemented with a local Whatz Up (Things to Do In Fort Wayne) weekly publication. These are read from cover to cover. The collection has been deliberately curated, safely away from mainstream news. I greatly encourage you to read physical printed magazines rather than their digital counterparts.

The Hourglass 

I turn the brass 30 minute hour glass over to pace my time. Sands passing through the hour glass sets the mood for a slower pace. After reading and sipping the dark blend on the vintage rocking chair I gaze out the window. A cheerful scene of birds inspire me. Berries that remain from the fall, hang on wintry branches, a treat for Robins, Bluejays, and Cardinals.  Perched they rest in contentment for a short break. They know of no troubles outside their domain habitat. They work and enjoy the daily pleasures of life.

You may also view my Morning Coffee Ritual companion video. 

What's your favorite daily ritual?

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