Wednesday, March 31, 2021

My Simple Easter


Article, photo's, and YouTube audio podcast by Rain San Martin

Happy spring! I'll be sharing some of my simple Easter tips with you.  As a Christian, I celebrate Easter as a religious holiday. I also incorporate whimsical spring elements into the season.  Most importantly I keep things simple. 


In February I gradually take down the winter decor, setting the stage for Valentines. Transitioning entirely to the spring theme by March 1st. This includes Gothic elements. The aesthetic of Gothic Weddings are my biggest inspiration during the spring.  Incorporating natural rustic floral decor, merged with whimsical mysterious vibes. Wine, orange, and black flowers are mixed in with pops of green.  Sculptures such as ravens or other smaller birds are included in my gothic spring decor.  

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Prep meals and buy Easter basket treats in advance. 

The key to having a simple Easter is doing things ahead of time.  I have two children which I plan simple Easter baskets for.  Taking precautions to avoid anything that is excessive or wasteful.  I don't purchase throwaway toys, sticking with high quality chocolate. Though I have included a toy from time to time, when they were younger.  Something simple, yet nothing that would quickly end up in the landfill.   I avoid plush toys, unless I feel certain it is something they would keep long term, and continue to enjoy. A popular theme over the last few years has been Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. You may have noticed that grocery stores have been featuring peanut butter and chocolate.  I am a big fan of this satisfying combo! For the kids I bought a giant Reese's Peanut Butter Easter Egg, a Lindt Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny, and a small carrot shaped bag of Reese's pieces. For my husband and I, chocolate bars, so we could enjoy the Easter fun too!  When the kids have their treats I make sure they don't consume too much in one day. We have a weekly limit of two days per week. Keeping the meals low in sugar and healthy throughout the week. 

In advance I do my grocery shopping. No last minute trips. A few days before Easter I prepare a couple of dishes which I can warm in the oven. This year I made a batch of crock pot green beans and buttery yellow mashed potatoes. From Costco I picked up Chicken Apple Goada Sausage. This meal is warmed in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes prior to serving. 

Easter eggs.

Before Easter I make a batch of hard-boiled eggs.  This was the first year I created homemade natural Easter egg dye. I used turmeric, cinnamon, blueberry, and paprika which I simmered on the stove for 30 minutes and strained. I then steeped the eggs in the warm mixture for 30 minutes with vinegar. The result was a natural looking batch of bird eggs. 

Prepare breakfast sandwiches the day before. 

I place foil on top on the breakfast sandwiches and warm in the oven. This makes a nice Sunday breakfast, freeing up the morning for church. This helps to avoid the need for rushing out the door, which will add stress. A slow, simple, and pleasant lifestyle is the aim.  

Set out the next days clothes for a smooth Sunday morning.  

This habit I already have in place as a part of my "Evening Routine".  On church mornings I set out the clothes for our son. As a Christian, I believe Jesus died for my sins and rose again on the 3rd day, Easter Sunday.  Good Friday is a time of reflection. Daily I pray throughout my tasks. Currently I'm reading the devotional, Every Day in His Presence by preacher Charles Stanley. I see him as my "Spiritual Grandpa".  

After church I warm the mashed potatoes, green beans, and sausage in the oven.  No convection oven or microwave necessary! Simply set the oven for 350 degrees and cook for 20 minutes, or until sizzling.  Add water to the cooking tray for moisture.  

Simple Easter baskets and egg hunt

3PM I set out the Easter baskets.  The kids will enjoy some of their treats. I spend a few minutes taking photographs, before the egg hunt which follows. Not many years of this left, as they are getting older! Time marches on. For dinner or an old-fashioned light "supper" each person can make themselves an egg-salad sandwich. I highly recommend making something with your hard boiled Eggs. A few examples include deviled eggs, egg salad, or simply with salt and pepper .

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